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Since I joined Loudspeakers three months ago, I am in love with the way how people there encouraging you to be creative and make you motivated to do more and more, being a Toastmaster member doesn`t mean that you have to have a professional presentation for each speech. Still, from my point of view, and because I am one of 44% of the people who used to remember everything visually, it is terrific to have something visually to stay in our mind.


General speaking, talking about presentation means that PowerPoint for us, the latest study published by The Next Web said that 70% of people make the presentation for their speeches. Still, most of them use only 40% of Office features, any way you can notice that by browsing Slideshare presentations, Today it is time to do interactive displays by adding infographics, polls and more visuals.

Here are five new tools to add them to your presentation:


PREZI: Unlike slides, which box you in, Prezi gives you a limitless zoomable canvas and the ability to show relationships between the big picture and fine details. The added depth and context makes your message more likely to resonate, motivate, and get remembered, whether it’s your bread-and-butter sales pitch, a classroom lecture, or a Toastmaster speech to the world’s foremost thinkers.

VISME.CO: a powerful and simple tool to translate your ideas into engaging content in the form of presentations, reports, infographics and wireframes, by using Visme you can tell better stories and turn boring data into rich visual content right in your browser.

INFOGR.AM: is the data visualization product that brings out the best in your data. Infographics and charts are quick to use, fast to share, and easy on the eye.

POLLEVERYWHER: the world’s first audience response tool for mobile devices. It is changing meetings by turning mobile devices into an essential part of any presentation. Over 30 million people have texted, tweeted, or used the web to respond to live performances in real-time… Hundreds of thousands of educators around the world use Poll Everywhere, too. You’ll find it everywhere from kindergarten talent shows to medical school seminars. That versatility is what makes Poll Everywhere great.

HASHTRACKING: Everywhere you look, Hashtags are being used to curate content and build community. It’s a way to sort, classify and call attention to what you’re saying. Hashtags empower your messages, making them part of a global multi-platform conversation. Understanding hashtags and hashtag trends associated with your brand can help you connect & engage with your audience, quantify the impact of your efforts, and identify relevant influencers.


In the end, I have to mention that your presentation is less than 30% of your speech, using these tools is a PLUS, Don`t just focus on them, being a Toastmaster member mean that you got the opportunity to improve your communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

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